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Rabbits are social animals....

The stray rabbit is back - and eating my pak choi! This little rabbit first appeared in my garden in November, and it took me three days to catch her. I didn't know her sex, and failed to lure her in by putting out does. Three rabbit pens put out in a U-shape, with a buck in each pen, worked. No microchip. She had been living wild in my area for 3 weeks and had been reported to me by several neighbours. It is known that I keep Angora rabbits, so a short coated half lop must be mine! The local school secretary sent out a mass text to parents and the owners were found, one street away. She lives free range in their garden, and digs. She came back last week, turning up at dawn and dusk when I fed my rabbits, and following me around the hutches. I returned her. The owners hadn't noticed she was missing, as they had seen her in the garden every day. She clearly just comes for a visit! As delightful as she is, it is most unsafe. Our area is full of foxes. She is now back home, leaving just stalks behind in my kale and pak choi pots. Please keep your free range rabbits safe, and please microchip!

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