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Where do Angora rabbits come from?


There are some lovely stories around, but the evidence is that they originated in Britain, with the first written mention of the "white shock rabbet of Turkie" in 1669.

How fast does their wool grow?


An inch a month! The maximum length of wool for a show rabbit is 9", but it is a tremendous amount of work to keep a coat of that length unmatted.

How often are rabbits clipped?


Three monthly, when wool is 3" long. 

Is clipping cruel?


Certainly not, no more than getting your hair cut at the hairdresser’s is cruel. The rabbit is not injured in any way, and sits quietly on the knee to be sheared.

Can I make money from selling Angora wool?


Good quality Angora wool, ethically produced from British rabbits, is in demand from handspinners, but the price of the wool does not usually cover the costs of feeding, housing and caring for the rabbits. Vaccination against three rabbit viruses, RVHD2, RVHD1 and myxomatosis, is also essential, and unfortunately costly.

How much wool does an Angora rabbit produce?


A good English doe can produce 12oz – 1 lb of wool (300-400g) per year. A larger German rabbit can produce as much as 2 kg per year!

Where can I get an Angora rabbit from?


Contact me via my website or contact the secretary of the National Angora Club who can put you in touch with a reputable breeder in your area. There is a link to the secretary via the National Angora Club website,

What colours of Angora are there?


The White is probably the most well known, but there are  many other colours, such as Gold, Sooty Fawn, Cream, Blue Cream, Blue Grey, Smoke, Chocolate, Blue, Lilac, Sable, Marten Sable, Cinnamon, Brown Grey and Chinchilla. See the National Angora Club website for pictures. Some colours, such as Chinchilla, Cinnamon and Blue Grey are rare. 


Where can I see an Angora rabbit?


The two main shows are the Premier Small Animal Show in January in Harrogate and the London Championship Show in Peterborough in October  There are usually a number of Angoras there in full exhibition coat. The National Angora Club attend Woolfest Fibre-East ,Wool@J13 and the British Wool Show with one or two wool Angoras, often Skyrack rabbits. Angora wool for spinning and spun English Angora wool is sold at these craft festivals. Free spindle spinning lessons are also given.


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