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The luckiest rabbit in the world

My garden is being visited by a new urban fox. Local people feed the foxes, and they have no fear of humans. I never leave my rabbits unattended in their pens, even though the pens are strong weld mesh and wood, lidded and tent-pegged to the ground.

Today I chased the fox away again and turned round to see Lockdown running up the drive. She had jumped up in panic and knocked off the lid of her pen. The pens are 2 foot high, and easy for a rabbit to jump. Thankfully she stopped running, and let me pick her up. Here is another picture of Lockdown, the luckiest rabbit in the world. There are now turn buttons on all 8 pen lids!

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1 Comment

Oct 29, 2021

Foxes are beautiful, but it's not good people are feeding them. I'm glad Lockdown was alright.

Stephanie (in Norfolk) x

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