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Breeding Angoras

Baby rabbits are great fun, but breeding carries responsibilities. The size of litters is unpredictable, and all those baby rabbits need good homes! Sometimes thing will go wrong, and a doe will scatter her babies. They may not survive. Occasionally she may, with some over enthusiastic cleaning of the newborn, accidentally remove an ear or a tail! Sometimes a young rabbit will be returned to the breeder. Most often it is because the new owner cannot cope with the grooming or clipping, but occasionally a rabbit is taken back because the owner has died. Violet and Chief are my two legacy rabbits, much loved reminders of their previous owners. The mother of the little black buck below scattered her litter. Little Prince, the only survivor, was dropped into a nest of Lilacs and Chocolates when he was two days old. Lilac Clementine, the foster mother, never noticed the little black sheep in her flock!

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