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Big game hunting

My Angoras love going out in the garden. Four o'clock in the afternoon is traditional (and biological) rabbit playing time. I am always out in the garden with them to keep them safe from the foxes. I keep an ear out for synchronized thumping, which is loud enough to be heard many yards away. Here I am with my weapon at hand. A heavy duty, pump action, 12 foot range water pistol, with a one litre tank! So far got the fox 4 times, missed once. Will he be back?

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Not rural, in the centre of Leeds! I am lucky enough to have a big garden. However, I have more foxes than my friend in rural Lincolnshire. No deer, no wild rabbits and not seen any snakes!



Hi Lesley, Stephanie (from Norfolk) here :)

It sounds very rural where you are. Where we live, right next to the sea/sand dunes we get all kinds of wildlife, including grass and adder snakes, muntjac deer, wild rabbits, foxes etc. I'm glad your Angora buns are safe with you keeping guard!

A couple of years ago we bought a new hosepipe, it happened to be a black colour. The day before my Chihuahuas had a surprise encounter with a grass snake on the patio. One girl, CoCo was curious, but Beatrix barked at it. Finally, it slithered off into some undergrowth. It only wanted to sunbathe a little. Anyway, when Beatrix saw the new black hose the following day she…

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