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Laramie poised to attack!

Some does are very relaxed with their new litters, but Laramie is telling me that this is near enough! Her litter was born during the heatwave 10 days ago. The grass in the garden is brown and scorched, and wet towels are hung on all the hutches to keep them cool. Angoras are very adaptable, and Laramie heaps her nest with wool at night and opens it up during the day. It is her first litter, and the first baby took her by surprise. I found it squeaking in the middle of the hutch, out of the nest. Just as well it was hot! She had made a straw nest but not plucked, so I tucked it up in the nest and added some of her stored wool. The next day there was a second nest at the other side of the hutch, lined with wool, and several more babies inside. Laramie was not very pleased at being removed from the hutch and put out to graze, but it had to be done, and the first baby was dropped into the nest with all the others. Newborn rabbits can make a lot of noise when disturbed and there was loud squeaking and much accompanying heaving. All settled down and Laramie seems to be an excellent mother. Guinevere managed to bring up her litter in subzero temperatures, and Laramie is coping with 28 degrees C.

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