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Living together in harmony-sometimes!

Nowadays people are encouraged to keep rabbits in pairs. Some pet breeders insist on selling two rabbits together. Unless the new owner is well informed, this can end in disaster. Two bucks, even litter brothers, will rarely live together without fighting and serious injury. If they are neutered they will need reintroducing carefully and such a pairing is unlikely to be successful, although occasionally it can work. The best pairings are neutered buck and neutered doe, but bonding has to be carefully undertaken. The biggest problem seems to be when 2 young unneutered sisters are sold together, with the assurance that they are bonded and will live happily together. The picture shows one of a pair of young Angora does, who injured each other severely enough to require a vet's attention. Both were later neutered, but despite the owner's best efforts at bonding, had to live separately. Occasionally people will be lucky. I myself have had a non neutered mother and daughter who lived contentedly together for their lifetime. It is important to remember this is the exception, not the rule! Sometimes non neutered sisters will live together peacefully until Spring then fight for territory when the hormones get going. If you would like to keep rabbits in pairs please investigate bonding in advance of purchase, be aware that buck and doe pairings are most likely to work, separate, neuter, then reintroduce carefully. And get a large enough hutch so they have their own space.

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