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Spinning Angora Wool

I often hear that it is not possible to spin pure Angora wool. This is certainly not true, although I wouldn't recommend it as a wool for a complete beginner. Angora is slippery compared to sheep's wool as the scales on the fibre are smoother than the rougher scales of the fibre from sheep. Pure Angora can be spun successfully on a drop spindle or a wheel, but to hold the fibre together it must be spun fine with a high twist. My bottom whorl spindle has a 2" whorl, and weighs about 14g. I use a larger spindle (2.5" whorl and weighing about 32g for plying or for sheep's wool. The picture shows Sooty-Fawn Angora 1 ply, wound off on to a section of cardboard kitchen roll. Note the high twist causing the unwound wool to corkscrew. It will be plied with 1 ply spindle spun honey Tussah silk, and used for lace knitting.

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