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Angoras and Thunderstorms!

I have recently invested in new garden pens with stronger lids, as 3 young foxes have moved into my neighbourhood. The pens are tent-pegged to the ground for extra security from the foxes. My rabbits live in outdoor hutches, which is better for their health, and go out in their pens on the lawn when it is dry. Sudden thunderstorms yesterday and today meant frantically catching 5 Angoras at a time, all of whom were happily lying full length in the pouring rain in the unsheltered areas of their pens. Why do they only dive into the dry boarded area when I try to catch them? The kitchen was full of damp Angoras being towelled dry, a process that they do not seem to mind in the least. Their wool is so thick that only the very surface gets wet and thankfully I did not need the hairdryer! All back in their hutches warm and dry. Here is Guinevere after her shower!

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