War Rabbits

When researching for my book 'Breed for Victory!' on rabbits in the Second World War, I found many references to disastrous attempts to produce rabbits for food in the Great War of 1914-1918. So what went wrong? With the help of the British Library and the Fur and Feather Archives I found out. There were, however, also many achievements to celebrate, and some fascinating stories of the soldier-fanciers on the Western Front. The result was 'War Rabbits,' the story of the rabbits of the First World War, and also of the people who kept them. Published by Printing For Pleasure Ltd, the company producing Fur and Feather (which in 1918 was already the oldest rabbit paper), it will be released on A

Chief is back

A little Blue Angora of mine went to live in Sowerby Bridge in May 2016. His new owner showed him, obtaining a Championship. He then became a much loved family pet. Sadly his owner contacted me this summer when he was terminally ill, to ask me if I would take Chief back. Breeding rabbits carries a responsibility, and most breeders will take back their rabbits should a situation like this arise. Chief has settled in as if he has never been away, enjoying a run on the lawn with the other rabbits. I will always remember his owner when I see him. Welcome back, little Chief.

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