Grass time at last

The first dry and sunny day this April and both litters get some sunshine. A Blue and a Lilac from Dakota's litter out at last.

First out of the nest

The first to leave Dakota's nest, at 3 weeks old. A confident little Lilac -with half an ear! Dakota is an excellent mother and is bringing up 8 healthy little rabbits. This one must have been cleaned too enthusiastically at birth!

Leaving the nest

Friday's sunshine brought the five little rabbits out of the nest for the first time to enjoy some grass. Now 3 weeks and two days old, they are beginning to explore. There are 3 Chocolates, a Blue and a Lilac. Still too wet to allow them out on the lawn.

A nestful of Angoras

These little rabbits have emerged from Cheyenne's nest, but the weather has been too bad to leave it. Now the rabbits are born, she is back to her usual self. The Rottweiler has been replaced by a pussycat!

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