Cheyenne's nest

Cheyenne, my Smoke, is a first time mother looking after her babies beautifully, heaping up the nest when it is cold and opening it when it is warm. Her litter is ten days old, and there are a Smoke, 2 Chocolates and a Blue. Sadly she must have cleaned one of the new babies too enthusiastically at birth. Look carefully at the top Chocolate in the nest- a fine healthy plump baby with only one ear! Destined for a career as a pet/wool rabbit rather than a Best in Show!

Easter Sunday

A very hot afternoon. I have a litter of 2 week old Lilac Angora kits in the nest. Clementine, the mother, is very experienced and during the last two weeks of gales and icy weather has heaped up a massive mound of straw and wool to protect them. Today she has opened up the nest and for the first time small Lilac heads are peeping out then quickly burrowing back under the mound. It is important for rabbits to be protected from the sun heating up the wood of the hutch and I have hung wet towels on the outside of the hutch to keep it cool. A picture of the nest the day after birth.

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